Zhengzhou Institute of Chiral Drugs Research CO.,LTD
Name:Zhengzhou Institute of Chiral Drugs Research CO.,LTD
Tel:0086-371-5521 9111
About Us
Zhengzhou Institute Of Chiral Drugs Research CO.,LTD is a professional chiral chemistry institute, our business covers researching and maufacturing off-patent active ingredients of pharmaceutical, pesticide and intermediates. We bear the industrial idel of "Making Top-Ranking chemicals for human health", and adher to business philosophy of "Rock-firm reputation, Good quality and competitive price products is the foudation of firm" to enhance technology and improve product quality. To achieve our goals, we established research and development center at the the early beginning of establishment of our company. Our R&D team is composed of professors, experts, Doctors and Masters of well-known University in China and Chinese Academy of Science. At present, our R&D center compries one labr..
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